Embracing Presence: A Gentle Teaching Journey

Five years ago, my journey with COR and Gentle Teaching began, marking the introduction to a transformative approach that would stay with me even when life led me away from Regina. Upon returning to COR in September, I discovered that Gentle Teaching had become an integral part of who I am and who I aspire to be. The tools and pillars of Gentle Teaching have profoundly influenced my personal and professional relationships, guiding me toward a more compassionate and gentle existence.

Gentle Teaching offers invaluable tools—words, hands, eyes, and presence—that have become the cornerstone of my interactions. Of these, presence stands out as a powerful yet challenging tool, especially in a world that often glorifies busyness. Juggling the demands of being a student, a COR supporter, and maintaining social connections can be overwhelming, leading to a constant sense of being pulled in multiple directions.

In this chaotic environment, Gentle Teaching has become a guiding light, emphasizing the importance of being present in the moment. Acknowledging my need for improvement in this area, I have consciously taken moments to step back, put down distractions, and be fully attentive to the present. The impact has been noticeable, particularly in my clinical practice as a nursing student.

Clinical placements come with their own set of challenges—researching medications, implementing care plans, learning new assessment skills, and navigating the overwhelming nature of the healthcare environment. Through the lens of Gentle Teaching, I’ve learned to prioritize being present. This shift in focus allows me to center on the most crucial aspect of these experiences—the patient. By immersing myself in the moment, I can use the other tools of Gentle Teaching to support, reassure, listen, and truly see the patient as a whole person. This not only makes me a better student but is a step towards becoming the compassionate nurse I aspire to be.

Gentle Teaching has not only shaped my professional life but has also influenced my personal growth. It has guided me in creating relationships built on compassion and gentleness, not only with others but with myself. I am deeply grateful to COR for introducing me to the pillars and tools of Gentle Teaching. As I continue my journey, I carry these teachings with me, knowing they will remain a guiding force throughout my life.


COR Family Member