Fostering Community Connections Through Patience, Openness, and Companionship

Embracing gentleness as a cornerstone in my approach to supporting individuals has been a transformative journey. Through a blend of patience, openness, and a casual demeanor, I’ve discovered that fostering genuine connections revolves around the principles of connectedness, companionship, and community.

From the outset, I made a conscious effort to bring creativity into my approach. By arriving at each person’s home with an open mind, embracing diverse ideas from other supports, and striving to fulfill personal desires, I embarked on a mission to facilitate a sense of community and companionship.

One remarkable tool in this journey was my puppy, Ambrosia. Introduced to the individuals I support at the tender age of two months, Ambrosia became a symbol of companionship and learning. Regularly accompanying me during support sessions, she grew alongside them, becoming a catalyst for understanding gentle hands, exercise, and appropriate play with animals. Ambrosia’s unique ability to redirect attention proved invaluable, and together, we explored the joys of walking, park visits, nail trimming, and even playful attempts at car games. Through this shared experience, the young men grasped the importance of companionship, hygiene, exercise, and play in everyone’s lives.

Beyond the confines of home, I endeavored to create community connections by exemplifying manners and polite greetings in public spaces. Encouraging the young men to interact confidently with neighbors, store employees, and strangers, we expanded our social circles. From playdates with neighbors to visits to the humane society and participation in community recycling initiatives, we embraced opportunities to connect with the broader community.

In my support work, I cultivated enthusiasm for their interests, identified commonalities, and encouraged exploration of new passions. My commitment to our relationships was put to the test, requiring patience and an openness to apologize and learn from difficult moments. This approach reinforced the idea that, in our shared journey, we are equals, and I bear a responsibility in our mutual growth.

In essence, my journey in gentle teaching has been marked by an unwavering commitment to patience, openness, and a casual yet sincere approach. Through these principles, trust was established swiftly, leading to meaningful connections that extend beyond the boundaries of traditional support work.


COR Family Member