Embracing Gentle Teaching: A Transformative Journey of Authentic Connection

As I reflect on the person I aspire to be, I am reminded of the profound impact that Gentle Teaching has had on my life. Picture it as a hat – a choice worn not just during the day but seamlessly integrated into the fabric of who we are. This philosophy is not something we can hang up at the end of our support time; rather, it becomes a natural element within us, transforming us in unique ways and serving different purposes.

Gentle Teaching has been a guiding light, enabling me to find positivity in every situation and fostering the optimism necessary to solve problems. Its transformative power lies in recognizing the need for change within ourselves to better accommodate others. Through relationship capacity building, we progress from providing a sense of safety and love to compromising and achieving natural win-win outcomes. This growth and connection are among the most meaningful feelings one can experience.

Keeping Gentle Teaching woven into my character has propelled me to new heights as an individual. It influences the services I provide through COR, teaching me the profound value of being present in the lives of loved ones. It has underscored the importance of projecting my energy in a loving, safe, and welcoming manner to those I communicate with.

Sawyer beautifully captures the essence of this philosophy, emphasizing the significance of non-verbal communication – the language of body, facial expressions, and the gentle delivery of non-violent messages. Perseverance, a key lesson learned, frames setbacks, failures, relapses, and struggles as essential stepping-stones toward success and achievement together.

Consider the parallels with diet and physical exercise. While initially daunting, the persistent and patient approach encouraged by Gentle Teaching prevents giving up on individuals in their process of change. Incremental gains, transformed into habits, become a valued component of our shared time. This process is rooted in relationship building, assuring individuals that we are committed to walking beside them through every challenge.

Gentle Teaching has impressed upon me the importance of expanding relationships as the core of providing meaning in others’ lives. It is not what we do or say that is remembered, but how we make others feel through our shared time. Whether interacting with a janitor or the owner of a building, the approach remains consistent – treating each individual with the same respect and empowerment.

In conclusion, Gentle Teaching is not merely a philosophy but a transformative journey that shapes our character, influences our interactions, and fosters genuine connections. Sawyer, a cherished member of the COR family, beautifully encapsulates the spirit of Gentle Teaching in our collective pursuit of authentic and compassionate living.


COR Family Member