Embracing Gentle Teaching: A Nurse’s Journey in Transformative Care

As I delve deeper into my nursing career, I find myself profoundly grateful for the invaluable philosophy instilled by COR, shaping both my approach to caregiving and my personal growth. During my recent rotation in a community mental health setting, I initially assumed that there might be little room for new learning. However, the experience not only revealed much about myself but also highlighted the profound impact of the Gentle Teaching philosophy that has been an integral part of my years with COR.

Amidst the challenging moments in the mental health community setting, my grounding in Gentle Teaching allowed me to navigate each difficulty with an open mind and open arms. My instructor noted the absence of fear and anxiety on my face, contrasting the typical reaction expected from a third-year nursing student in such situations. I shared with her the underlying principle that our presence can significantly alter the unfolding of a situation.

Instructor’s curiosity piqued, she inquired about the origin of this knowledge and how I created an inviting space for individuals experiencing emotional trauma. I seized the opportunity to elucidate the philosophy of Gentle Teaching and its transformative impact on interactions with those in distress. Eager to learn more, she encouraged me to mentor fellow classmates during the remainder of the clinical rotation, emphasizing the importance of adapting our approach for a more positive relationship with those under our care. The alignment of person-centered care with nursing philosophy further heightened my enthusiasm for this transition into nursing.

This instance epitomizes how Gentle Teaching has not only shaped my current self but also foretells its continued influence throughout my nursing career. I eagerly anticipate the ongoing impact of Gentle Teaching on my professional journey and the opportunity to educate others on the significance of person-centered care.

COR Family Member