Unleashing Waves of Kindness: 100 Acts of Kindness 2020 Continues to Inspire

Value. It’s an intrinsic quality that resides within each of us, needing no validation. Within the intimate circles of our support systems, this value is not only acknowledged but magnified. However, every now and then, someone unfamiliar performs a gesture so special that it leaves us in awe. Perhaps it’s a spontaneous chat at the coffee shop, a door held open, or a parking meter discreetly paid for. How do we express gratitude to those who illuminate our days unexpectedly?

The much-anticipated 100 Acts of Kindness initiative is back, and the momentum from last year’s heartwarming campaign is propelling us into 2020 with renewed vigor! In 2019, we shone a spotlight on the unsung heroes in our city—individuals who transform the ordinary into the extraordinary and turn seemingly impossible tasks into reality. The 100 Acts of Kindness 2020 campaign is set to elevate last year’s achievements, spreading love in new and innovative ways.

Our Street Team is growing stronger each week as we extend invitations to last year’s recipients, urging them to pay forward the love to unsuspecting superheroes in our community. Join us this winter as we transform a snowball of kindness into an avalanche, leaving a trail of warmth and compassion in our wake.

Let’s celebrate the power of kindness and continue to create a ripple effect that touches lives in ways we never thought possible. Together, we can make 2020 a year filled with compassion, connection, and countless acts of kindness that unite us all.