Transformative Impact: Britney’s Personal and Professional Growth with Gentle Teaching

As I reflect on my journey with Gentle Teaching, I am compelled to share the profound impact it has had on my personal, professional, and academic pursuits. More than a philosophy, Gentle Teaching has become an integral part of my life, influencing how I navigate challenges, build relationships, and perceive individuals within the justice system.

In my personal life, the transformative power of Gentle Teaching is evident in my approach to challenging situations. By embracing openness and understanding, I’ve learned to meet others where they are, fostering flourishing relationships. However, the true essence of Gentle Teaching has manifested in how I view individuals within the justice system.

Although the connection between Gentle Teaching and Human Justice may not be immediately apparent, my research and experiences have unveiled its profound relevance. Many individuals in the justice system, I believe, find themselves there due to marginalization, oppression, and systemic racism. Often deprived of the four Pillars of Gentle Teaching—feeling safe, loved, loving, and engaged—these individuals face immense challenges.

Currently engaged in an educational practicum at a women’s shelter, I’ve encountered firsthand the narratives of women who have long lacked a sense of safety, love, and engagement. Through Gentle Teaching, I’ve adapted to this environment, offering support and understanding to these resilient women. By meeting them where they are, untethered from past judgments, I strive to empower them through the principles of Gentle Teaching.

Carrying this philosophy into my future endeavors, I am determined to bring Gentle Teaching into unconventional settings within the realm of human justice. My upcoming practicum in probation is a testament to this commitment. Even in seemingly unorthodox environments, I believe Gentle Teaching can make a significant impact.

The traditional justice system, with its high recidivism rates, often fails to provide an environment conducive to change. I strongly advocate for the integration of Gentle Teaching at all levels of the justice system, believing that its principles can mitigate the likelihood of re-offending. As I embark on my career in human justice, I am resolved to champion the cause of Gentle Teaching and its transformative potential.

COR Family Member