Embracing Gentle Teaching: A Journey of Transformation and Cultivating a Culture of Kindness

When I embarked on my journey of supporting individuals at Creative Options Regina, the prospect of fostering and sustaining a culture of gentleness initially filled me with apprehension. Reflecting on those early days, I now wonder why I harbored any doubts. The individuals I support made the practice of Gentle Teaching remarkably seamless. While not a one-size-fits-all methodology, and devoid of fixed solutions for every circumstance, cultivating a culture of gentleness, to me, involves forging relationships rooted in unconditional love.

Gentle Teaching holds significance because it creates an environment where authenticity thrives. This hands-on approach has become a catalyst for my internal and spiritual transformation. Caring for these individuals in their physical, intellectual, and emotional needs has not only reshaped my perspective on education but has permeated every facet of my daily life. As I immersed myself in creating a culture of gentleness, the trust I extended to those I support was reciprocated, leading me to evolve into an advocate for a gentler world.

The heart of this connection lies in continually striving to achieve the personal goals set by the individuals I serve. Working collaboratively on goals, whether related to writing skills, weight loss/exercise, or healthier eating, has fortified my bonds with each person. Witnessing their progress is a testament to the power of Gentle Teaching in fostering interdependence, stimulating creativity, and nurturing a shared trust among us.

Listening attentively, empathizing with their experiences, and being attuned to their needs are the cornerstones of effective support. This journey, coupled with my ongoing education at the University of Regina, has instilled in me a commitment to seek opportunities to propagate a culture of gentleness both within the COR community and beyond.

In conclusion, Gentle Teaching is not just a methodology; it’s a transformative force that has reshaped my outlook on life. Through genuine connections and unwavering support, we are not just aiding in personal growth but are collectively weaving a tapestry of kindness and understanding. As I continue this journey, I am excited about the potential for even greater positive transformations, both for those I support and for myself.

With warmth,

COR Family Member