Spreading Love Through 100 Acts of Kindness: A Look Back and a Roaring Start to 2019

Value is an intrinsic part of our existence; it doesn’t need to be earned, for we all possess it. Within our circle of support, that value is amplified and easily recognized. Yet, there are moments when someone, perhaps a stranger, performs a special act that catches us off guard. It might be a friendly conversation at a coffee shop or the simple gesture of holding a door open or plugging a parking meter without our knowledge. How do we acknowledge and express gratitude to those who brighten our days?

As we reflect on the success of the COR 100 Acts of Kindness campaign in 2018, we’re excited to announce that we are charging into 2019 with the same momentum and passion! Last year, we showcased the unsung heroes in our city who turn the ordinary into the extraordinary, making the seemingly impossible tasks possible. The 100 Acts of Kindness initiative is back, and this time, we’re taking the nominations from last year to new heights, continuing to spread love in even more ways.

Our Street Team is growing each week as we extend invitations to last year’s recipients, encouraging them to pay the love forward to new, unsuspecting superheroes. Join us this winter as we transform a small act of kindness into an unstoppable avalanche of warmth and compassion!

Let’s make 2019 a year of connection, gratitude, and kindness. Together, we can turn this snowball of goodwill into an unstoppable force for positive change in our community. Join the movement and be a part of something extraordinary.