Ryley’s Story: The Transformative Power of Gentle Teaching within the COR Community

As a relatively new member of the COR team, my journey into Gentle Teaching began with Level 1 training. Little did I know that this experience would prove to be more enriching than any formal instruction. Today, as I reflect on my time supporting multiple individuals, I can confidently say that there is nothing quite like being part of a culture rooted in Gentle Teaching.

Before joining COR, I believed I possessed a gentle approach, and my personal values aligned with the philosophy. However, it’s one thing to believe in it and another to live and breathe it. In my brief tenure with the COR team, I’ve undergone a profound transformation in understanding the essence of interdependence and how it can be cultivated and sustained.

The revelation of the four pillars – safe, loved, loving, and engaged – has been particularly impactful on my journey. Among these pillars, the notions of being loved and loving have left an indelible mark on me. Embracing an approach that embodies unconditional love in my support role has not only influenced my professional demeanor but has also spilled over into my personal life. I’ve become more empathetic, patient, calm, and considerate than ever before, enriching my relationships in all facets of life.

Complementing this understanding are the four tools of Gentle Teaching, which have made me a more well-rounded professional. As I continue to build stronger connections with the individuals I support, I’ve come to realize the profound impact of my eyes, words, hands, and presence as a whole. This awareness has made me more intentional with nonverbal expressions both in my professional and personal life. The influence of Gentle Teaching extends beyond the workplace – it has shaped me into a better person, influencing my interactions with strangers in various settings.

Witnessing the quality of relationships my colleagues have formed through Gentle Teaching serves as a constant inspiration. The opportunity to learn and grow with diverse individuals as part of this team has been nothing short of phenomenal. Admittedly, I acknowledge that I have much to learn about Gentle Teaching, but I am confident that I am in the best community to deepen my understanding of this transformative approach.

In gratitude,


COR Family Member