Nurturing Hearts: A Journey of Gentle Teaching and Moral Development

At Gentle Teaching International, our guiding philosophy is rooted in moral development—a transformation that transcends religious affiliations and taps into the core of our being. It’s about cultivating an internal compass that navigates what is good, defines who we are, and underscores our purpose on this earth. Unlike a mere set of rules, it’s a profound inner change, a shift of the heart, akin to the early lessons children learn about feeling safe and loved—a wisdom many of us must rediscover in the face of life’s tribulations.

Understanding the essence of fundamental moral values is pivotal, and imparting them demands an authoritative approach. Not one that imposes, but one that patiently and repeatedly teaches, recognizing that morality is a lens through which we perceive our role in life. It’s an amalgamation of beliefs shaped by life experiences and ongoing reflections on our place in the world—etched deep into our memories over time.

Morality, often residing at the fringes of consciousness, guides our decisions. We don’t consciously ponder, “Should I do this or not?” Instead, our life choices emanate from these deeply embedded memories. Embodying a spirit of gentleness entails imparting profound moral lessons to individuals whose hearts bear the weight of fractures. Our primary strategy: a tapestry woven with repeated acts of love.

The cornerstone of our moral framework lies in companionship—the innate need to feel safe, loved, and engaged in this world. We instinctively seek those who fulfill this need and distance ourselves from sources of fear. Unfortunately, many individuals we support grapple with self-fear and fear of others. Meaning in our lives is often found in relationships—with family, children, and friends. Yet, for many we serve, this sense of meaning remains elusive.

The second pillar is community—a celebration of togetherness, engagement, outreach, and a profound sense of connectedness. It’s about collectively feeling safe, loved, loving, and engaged. This transformative process shifts from a singular relationship with a caregiver to a collective bond within a circle of friends.

Companionship and community unfold in a spiral—a journey that begins at the core but gradually expands outward to encompass others. The universal need for safety and love is the catalyst for feeling loving and engaged, evolving from one person to two and eventually to many.

In the poignant words of John McGee from ‘Mending Broken Hearts,’ our approach is an odyssey that heals and nurtures, reminding us that the essence of humanity lies in fostering deep connections and instilling moral resilience in hearts that yearn for restoration.

John McGee,

‘Mending Broken Hearts’