Nurturing Growth Through Gentle Teaching: A Personal Journey

Creating an environment where the concept of support is obsolete has been my mission in cultivating a culture of gentleness. The journey with the woman I support has been gradual, marked by the delicate task of building trust—a challenge not only for her to confide in me but also for me to trust in her. What sets my approach apart is my commitment to treating her with the same genuine care and respect I extend to everyone I hold dear.

I engage with her as a friend, unafraid to be myself, fostering a connection that slowly developed into genuine care. Establishing a comfortable atmosphere is key; from there, we can expand and shape this comfort zone, a crucial element in fostering growth. I firmly believe in the philosophy of gentle teaching as a catalyst for personal development, advocating for a journey alongside the person rather than directing or following them blindly.

Guiding, not forcing or trailing, is my mantra. I strive to allow her the autonomy to be her authentic self, a 41-year-old with love and kindness, nurturing these qualities for her personal growth. Walking ahead or behind wouldn’t be as beneficial, for everyone needs a guiding hand now and then.

In my pursuit, I aim to eradicate the very notion of support. By altering activities to emphasize abilities and effort, rather than limitations, we transcend the confines of disability. I want her to feel a sense of freedom, turning our time together into an experience that feels like friends gathering, not a job. While we do have responsibilities, I embed lessons in our activities, ensuring she gains valuable insights for her personal growth.

Being present is my way of showing I care, irrespective of her mood. I grant her the freedom to run her household as she sees fit, for her home should be her sanctuary where she feels in control—an essential element for elevating comfort levels.

Though challenging, this journey has not only transformed the life of the woman I support but has also overflowed into my own. This job has become more than a vocation; it is a profound, life-altering experience. I aspire to reciprocate this blessing within the organization and in my personal life, grateful for the opportunity to meet and continue spending time with the incredible woman I support.


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