Nurturing Connections: The 2024 Gentle Teaching International Conference

We are thrilled to invite you to the 2024 Gentle Teaching International (GTI) conference, a global gathering dedicated to fostering positive and proactive support in the realms of health, mental health, disability, and education. This milestone event marks the 23rd anniversary of the conference and is set to unite over 500 participants for three impactful days from October 1-3, 2024. Join us in Regina, Canada, as we delve into the wealth of knowledge, best practices, case studies, and invaluable lessons that contribute to the creation and sustenance of a culture of support for vulnerable populations across diverse environments.

Gentle Teaching stands as a beacon of compassion, offering an alternative to reactive and restrictive practices commonly employed in working with vulnerable communities. At its core, Gentle Teaching aims to nurture, teach, and sustain experiences of connectedness, companionship, and community for individuals who have often lived through disconnectedness, isolation, and loneliness.

The philosophy of Gentle Teaching is grounded in the belief that every individual possesses the right to feel safe and valued in their homes, with their families, caregivers, and within their educational or vocational pursuits. For those who are most vulnerable, the key lies in providing predictability and structure throughout their day, coupled with overwhelmingly positive and uplifting interactions instead of critical and demanding ones. This approach signifies a profound cultural shift—either towards or a deepening of—principles that form a robust foundation for helping individuals experience companionship and connectedness. Moreover, it serves as a solid groundwork for other tailored models of treatment or education that address the unique needs of each individual.

We are delighted to announce that COR and Gentle Teaching Canada are honored to host the Gentle Teaching International Conference in the picturesque city of Regina, Canada, from October 1-3, 2024. Be among the first to secure your spot at this transformative event by visiting our conference website and registering. Stay tuned for updates, and be the first to know when conference tickets become available! Together, let’s embrace the power of compassion and collectively work towards creating a world where everyone feels valued, supported, and connected.

Click Here for the GTI 2024 Conference Website.