Nurturing a Safe Haven: Emily’s Gentle Teaching Journey

As a mother since 2015, Gentle Teaching has been my steadfast companion in navigating the complexities of family life, especially during challenging moments like tantrums or sibling disagreements. In my quest for effective strategies, I discovered that engaging my children with eye contact, gentle touch, a calm voice, and fostering an environment where they feel I am a safe space for their emotions is key.

Through my experiences, this approach has proven to be the most effective way for my children to navigate their emotions positively. Drawing from my own struggles with anxieties and depression, I have learned that I respond more positively in situations where I feel safe, loved, and supported—a sentiment that holds true for many individuals. Consequently, incorporating Gentle Teaching into my home life has become more than just a sporadic practice; it has evolved into a way of being.

“I want my home to be a safe space, a place of refuge for my children. The four pillars of Gentle Teaching make achieving the feeling of a safe space very attainable.”

My fiancé, too, is embracing the power of gentleness in our parenting journey, realizing that it leads to more positive outcomes. In a society where gentleness is sometimes misconstrued as weakness, witnessing how it embodies true strength has been a remarkable aspect of our shared parenting expedition.

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