MacKenzie’s Story: Embracing Growth Through Gentle Teaching

Gentle Teaching has been a transformative force in my life, molding me into a more compassionate friend, daughter, student, and colleague. Beyond being a supportive figure, it has equipped me with invaluable tools to navigate various relationships. The philosophy of Gentle Teaching has allowed me to empathize, perceive situations from different angles, and foster both new and existing connections. My journey as a support for COR has been marked by significant personal growth, not confined to the workplace but extending its positive impact to all facets of my life. Daily interactions with like-minded individuals, committed to incorporating Gentle Teaching into their daily lives, have been a source of continual education, growth, and the formation of lasting friendships.

As I aspire to weave Gentle Teaching into every aspect of my life, I acknowledge the perpetual nature of positive self-growth. While experience and education contribute to this evolution, the conscious practice of Gentle Teaching plays a pivotal role. It’s not just a philosophy to be understood; it’s a way of life to be actively embraced.

Reflecting on a teaching moment in December, I recall a discussion within one of my university study groups. We delved into the diverse parenting styles that shaped us, exploring the effectiveness of punishment and reinforcement. It led us to ponder, “Does it work?” In response, I shared my conviction that reinforcing or punishing individuals does not impart lasting lessons. Instead, I introduced the concept of Gentle Teaching—emphasizing that mistakes are inherent in our human experience and serve as opportunities for growth.

Creating an environment free from judgment, where mistakes are acknowledged without shame, becomes a foundation for growth. It’s about saying, “Here’s what we can do differently next time.” My classmates were genuinely engaged and intrigued by this perspective. I expressed my commitment to adopting Gentle Teaching as my parenting style when the time comes. It’s not a persona I wear at work; it’s an integral part of who I am and who I aspire to be.

In essence, my journey with Gentle Teaching, as a proud COR family member, embodies an ongoing commitment to self-discovery, empathy, and fostering positive connections. The lessons learned extend far beyond the workplace, enriching every aspect of my personal and professional life.


COR Family Member