Jordan’s Story: Embracing New Experiences and Cultivating Gentle Connections

Greetings Gentle Teaching community,

In the realm of support, the essence of creating and maintaining a culture of gentleness lies in being present and offering our utmost to those we serve. This realization positions me as a constant in someone’s life for a meaningful reason, urging me to invest wholeheartedly in that person’s journey. As I step into the space of a friend, I carry with me the understanding that the challenges of my day should not become theirs. My actions, both verbal and non-verbal, hold substantial sway over others, emphasizing the need for a gentle and genuine demeanor. Just as I desire support from others, I reciprocate the same, weaving a tapestry of understanding and compassion.

Recognizing that each day unfolds as a new chapter, teeming with fresh experiences, creates an atmosphere ripe for suspense and growth. This sentiment is not exclusive to those I accompany but extends to my personal growth as well. The imperfection inherent in humanity is acknowledged, and rather than expecting perfection, I choose openness. Sharing fragments of my life with those I support becomes a bridge, assuring them they have a confidant in moments of joy or struggle.

Consciousness is my guide when spending time with those I serve, leaning on the pillars and tools that shape Gentle Teaching. My hands, eyes, words, and presence serve as instruments in fostering an environment of safety and understanding. Unclenched and relaxed hands, maintaining peaceful eye contact, deliberate and clear speech, and a positive, motivating demeanor form the fabric of my supportive approach. Being present transcends physicality; it is an emotional commitment. Engaging with someone goes beyond mere presence — it involves asking thoughtful questions and summarizing their thoughts to convey genuine interest.

In this journey of connection and support, I am not just a guide but a fellow traveler, navigating the vast terrain of experiences alongside those I serve.

Warm regards,

COR Family Member