Jayde’s Story: Self-Awareness Through Gentle Teaching

Discovering the profound impact of Gentle Teaching has been a transformative journey for me. It was back in 2015, during my Kinesiology degree, that I first encountered this philosophy in a class with the insightful Brenda Rossow-Kimball. Although I absorbed valuable lessons, I didn’t immediately apply them to my life. It wasn’t until I embarked on a career with COR that the true power of Gentle Teaching unfolded before me.

Within the supportive community of COR, I’ve gained a heightened awareness of how my presence resonates with others. Before my time here, I rarely considered the nuances of my tone or the words I chose. In a revelation, I discovered how crucial these elements were, not just within COR but in everyday interactions, both inside and outside the organization.

Initially, my communication style was monotone, lacking emotional expression. It had never caused issues before, but at COR, I quickly learned the importance of intentional communication. Instances arose where my words or tone were misinterpreted by the individuals we serve. Questions about whether I was upset when I didn’t smile or if my crossed arms signaled anger prompted me to reevaluate my communication approach.

These experiences prompted a journey of self-awareness. I realized that my body language, despite my internal feelings of relaxation, conveyed a different message. This realization became a turning point, propelling me toward personal growth. I became acutely perceptive of how I presented myself, both verbally and non-verbally.

My journey at COR has been a catalyst for profound change. The skills and knowledge I’ve acquired have not only enhanced my professional capabilities but have also seeped into my personal life. The ripple effect of this awareness has transformed me into a better support, friend, mother, and partner.

The connections forged and the enlightening trainings experienced during my time at COR have been invaluable. I eagerly anticipate further expanding my knowledge and continuing to contribute to the enriching tapestry of the COR family.


A Proud Member of the COR Family