Growth Through Gentle Teaching: A Journey of Compassion in Kinesiology

Embarking on my Kinesiology degree journey has been more than an academic pursuit; it has become a transformative exploration of caring for others. The resonance between my studies and the Gentle Teaching philosophy, particularly my experiences with COR, has been profound. Gentle Teaching, for me, is synonymous with prioritizing individuals, acknowledging their names, goals, and aspirations, and forging genuine connections. The past few years have seen both my degree and this philosophy instill in me the values of leadership, compassion, and the joy derived from witnessing others thrive through empowerment.

Central to Gentle Teaching is the notion that love and care extend beyond mere client relationships or followership. It is about infusing meaning into connections, elevating each other to the best versions of ourselves, and extending empathy and unconditional acceptance during challenging times. Building unique relationships on a foundation of consistency, trust, and faith in one another is the essence of Gentle Teaching.

“With the Gentle Teaching approach, I do not have power over you. We have power together.”

Reflecting on the past year, I’ve undergone a perceptual shift and a crucial lesson. Despite contemplating a career in personal training, observing trainers interact with their “clients” underscored the importance of compassion in my approach. I’ve evolved into someone who goes beyond a professional relationship, delving into the personal aspects of individuals’ lives, their goals, triumphs, and struggles. Embracing Gentle Teaching has illuminated the significance of empowering others to be leaders, providing the tools for self-leadership, and fostering interdependence within communities to create meaningful lives.

Gentle Teaching has not changed who I am; rather, it has challenged me to discover growth within myself. Growth, as a principle, demands stepping out of a comfortable mindset, and it’s distinct from mere change.

“It isn’t what we do or say that will be remembered, it is always how we make people feel.”

Immersing myself in the culture of gentleness has opened doors to unexpected personal growth. My interactions have become warm and inviting, emphasizing the importance of being present in every moment. Focused on building companionship, an abundance of patience allows me to value individuals for who they are, irrespective of their current challenges or societal judgments.

Gentle Teaching, I once heard, is not merely a hat one can wear at will; it’s a feeling in the heart that resides within everyone. Above all, this culture has demonstrated the profound impact of kindness. It’s not our actions or words that people remember, but the way we make them feel.

In embracing the philosophy of Gentle Teaching, I’ve discovered a powerful tool for maintaining kindness and leaving a lasting, positive impression on those around me.

Warm regards,

COR Family Member