Gentle Teaching: Kristyn’s Personal and Professional Story

Gentle Teaching has woven its transformative threads into the fabric of my life, leaving an indelible impact not only on my professional endeavors but also on my deeply personal experiences.

When I initially joined COR, the principles of Gentle Teaching resonated with me profoundly. The notion of treating others with love, respect, dignity, and kindness seemed instinctively right. The commitment to being present, utilizing words, hands, and eyes to foster a sense of safety became a guiding philosophy for me. It dawned on me that Gentle Teaching wasn’t merely a set of tools for building relationships; it was a way of life that I had believed in all along but had never before encountered in an organizational setting.

Witnessing those I support undergo transformative teaching moments, learning to feel secure, and realizing the enduring nature of relationships has made Gentle Teaching profoundly special. I recall a challenging moment when I felt vulnerable while providing support. The fear of potential harm lingered in my thoughts. In that pivotal moment, the person I was assisting reached out, placing a reassuring hand on my shoulder, and met my eyes, declaring, “I will not hurt you.” It was then that the culmination of our built relationship, the trust we had cultivated, and the time spent assuring them they were safe with me became abundantly meaningful. Driving home that night, a bit shaken yet smiling, I knew that fostering trust was a reciprocal journey—I had allowed someone to trust me, and in return, I could trust them.

The impact of Gentle Teaching extends beyond the confines of my work life, permeating into my personal sphere. My grandmother’s battle with dementia has been a poignant challenge for my family, especially for my mom and her sisters. Without my grounding in Gentle Teaching, supporting my grandmother through this journey would be an arduous task. Ensuring her sense of safety and love during my visits has become paramount. The patience cultivated through my experiences at COR has been a beacon, allowing me to grant my grandmother the time she needs to ask questions repeatedly and respond with warmth and comfort. Understanding the helplessness she feels in the face of her condition has heightened my empathy. Responding with kindness, being present even when she may not remember the moment, has become pivotal. I am forever grateful for the lessons learned through Gentle Teaching, enhancing our relationship during her final moments.

In essence, Gentle Teaching has become more than a methodology—it is a guiding philosophy that has enriched both my professional and personal realms. The journey has been transformative, fostering relationships built on trust, love, and unwavering presence.

Warm regards,

COR Family Member