Gentle Teaching: Michaela’s Journey of Growth and Transformation

At the heart of my journey lies a profound aspiration: “I aspire to be a better person, more caring and loving.” This transformative endeavor finds its roots in the principles of Gentle Teaching, an approach that has not only shaped who I am today but has also set the course for the person I strive to become.

Gentle Teaching has become an integral part of my daily life, weaving its threads into every interaction, be it in a supportive role, within the academic realm, or amidst friends and family. Mindfulness is my compass, ensuring that everyone I encounter feels the warmth of safety, love, respect, and acceptance.

“The tools of Gentle Teaching: our hands, our eyes, our words, and our presence, are tools that I bring into any relationship that I have in my life.” Whether I’m supporting someone, spending time with loved ones, or meeting new faces, the principles of Gentle Teaching guide my actions. My goal is for these tools to become second nature, a seamless extension of myself. The way I present myself and communicate holds great significance, creating an environment where others feel secure and at ease.

As I embed Gentle Teaching into my everyday life, I find that not only do I use these tools consciously, but they become an inherent part of who I am. I am genuinely embracing the person I am evolving into.

“For my three amazing years being part of the Creative Options Regina team and family, it has definitely changed my way of thinking for the better.” Every individual carries their own battles, often hidden from external view. Through my experiences, I’ve cultivated a profound sense of unconditional love, a quality I once believed I possessed in abundance. Spending extensive hours each week with those I serve has allowed me to both exhibit and receive a level of unconditional love that transcends my previous understanding. This newfound perspective has shaped the foundation of my relationships, fostering a commitment to unconditional love as I continue to grow and gain experience in all aspects of life.

“Gentle Teaching aspires me to be a better person, to be more caring and loving.” Each day, I contribute to a culture of gentleness wherever I find myself. My aspiration is not only to enhance my own well-being but also to positively impact those around me. I envision future success not solely based on achievements but rooted in kindness and compassion. The journey I’ve undertaken with Gentle Teaching has instilled in me a deep sense of gratitude, knowing that the person I am today and aspire to be in the future is shaped by these profound principles.

COR Family Member