Gentle Teaching: Mackenzie’s Personal Transformation

At first, the concept of Gentle Teaching was unfamiliar to me. However, that initial lack of understanding quickly turned into excitement as I delved into its principles. Today, I am grateful for the transformative skills I’ve gained through Gentle Teaching.

Gentle Teaching isn’t just a method for connecting with those I serve; it’s become a guiding philosophy in my everyday interactions. The impact of Gentle Teaching has shaped me into the person I am today, providing me with invaluable tools for fostering connections at COR and beyond—within my family, among friends and peers, and with those I aspire to assist in my future endeavors.

This approach has equipped me with enhanced skills to build stronger relationships within my community. Whether interacting with peers, family members, or individuals I serve, Gentle Teaching has become an integral part of my communication toolbox, enriching my ability to form meaningful connections.

What strikes me as particularly crucial about Gentle Teaching is the realization that force is unnecessary when someone simply desires understanding and acknowledgment. The essence of Gentle Teaching lies in its gentle nature—an effective form of communication that fosters safety, value, love, and empowerment in the lives of individuals.

Through Gentle Teaching, I’ve learned the paramount importance of valuing individuals irrespective of circumstances. I aim to extend the same love and care that I experience within my own circle to the individuals I support. Listening to their thoughts and being present in their lives has cultivated trust, deepening the connection between us.

Gentle Teaching has instilled in me a commitment to witness the growth of the individuals I serve. While the learning process may not always be swift, I continually adapt my approach based on what works best. During challenging times, I actively engage with those I support, offering a safe space for them to express their feelings. Knowing that I’ve played a role in bringing comfort and solace brings the brightest smile to my face at the end of each day.

In conclusion, Gentle Teaching has been a catalyst for personal and relational growth. It’s not merely a set of skills; it’s a philosophy that has reshaped my worldview and, in turn, the lives of those I connect with.

Warm regards,


COR Family Member