Gentle Teaching: Celeste’s Personal Journey of Growth and Connection

As I reflect on the transformative year I’ve spent supporting Creative Options Regina, I find myself profoundly grateful for the role Gentle Teaching has played in shaping my personal growth. Gentle Teaching isn’t just a technique to switch on and off—it’s a philosophy that becomes an integral part of who we are. In the midst of support sessions, training, and everyday life, I’ve come to understand that Gentle Teaching is a constant companion, influencing how I engage with others.

One of the fundamental lessons I’ve embraced is that my attitude towards someone shouldn’t hinge on their behavior. Be it challenging moments at school, during support sessions, or while spending time with family and friends, the bedrock of my relationships is unconditional love. The foundation and principles of Gentle Teaching not only allow relationships to blossom but also ensure their enduring strength. Especially with those I support, creating a sense of safety is paramount, and that necessitates the consistent application of Gentle Teaching in all facets of my life.

Gentle Teaching has been a catalyst for a paradigm shift in my perception of hurtful moments. Previously, I might have interpreted such instances as intentional harm. However, through the lens of Gentle Teaching, I’ve learned that these actions are often rooted in personal struggles. In response, I strive to create a safe space for others during difficult moments, demonstrating my unwavering support.

While Gentle Teaching has been instrumental in my personal development, I acknowledge that there’s always room for improvement. I aspire to adopt a broader perspective, moving beyond individual situations. It’s easy to get caught up in the emotions of the moment, but the principles of patience and compassion, imparted by Gentle Teaching, are my guiding lights. To continue evolving, I commit to applying these lessons, even in the most challenging moments, to fortify my relationships further.

Having fallen in love with the purpose and values of Gentle Teaching, I believe it’s my responsibility to share this knowledge with those around me. Growing up, the emphasis was often on behavior change, but it became evident that true transformation lies in loving someone unconditionally. Armed with this understanding, I’m passionate about educating others on the profound impact and inspiration that Gentle Teaching brings when embraced as a way of life.

In closing, as a proud member of the COR family, I celebrate the continuous journey of growth and connection that Gentle Teaching has afforded me.

Warm regards,