Gentle Teaching: A Personal Transformation Journey

Embracing the principles of Gentle Teaching has been a transformative journey for me, influencing not only my professional life but also shaping the person I am becoming. At the heart of this philosophy lies the profound idea of fostering a culture of gentleness, a concept that has become the cornerstone of my interactions with those I support.

Working at COR, I’ve adopted the mindset of being a friend to the individuals I serve, akin to a guest in a friend’s house. The essence of this approach is grounded in respect and understanding. I am not there to dictate or take charge, but rather to offer support as a companion on their unique life journey.

In this spirit of friendship, judgment finds no place. Friends don’t pass judgment; instead, they offer guidance and suggest alternative paths. For instance, if someone expresses the desire to spend their entire paycheck on a $200 used game system, I step in with friendly advice. I might propose alternative choices, fostering discussions about responsible money management. It’s a gentle nudge, a way to help them consider the implications of their decisions.

Through Gentle Teaching, I’ve learned to engage in conversations that encourage introspection. Asking questions like, “How important is this game system to you?” opens up dialogues that can lead to a deeper understanding of personal priorities. If, after consideration, they choose to go ahead with the purchase, I respect their autonomy. At the end of the day, it’s their happiness that matters most.

This approach has not only shaped my professional interactions but has seeped into every facet of my life. The principles of Gentle Teaching have become a guiding force in my personal growth. I’ve become more aware of how I present myself to others and how my actions influence the atmosphere around me.

Remarkably, this transformation didn’t go unnoticed. My mother, someone who sees me on a daily basis, remarked on the positive changes just two months into my journey with COR. It was a heartening moment to realize that the application of Gentle Teaching had not only affected those I served but had also touched my core as an individual.

Reflecting on my past, I acknowledge that I was not always the most respectful or understanding person. However, with each passing day, I see progress, and that, to me, is a testament to the power of Gentle Teaching. It reminds us that anyone, regardless of age or background, can embark on a journey of self-improvement.

In essence, Gentle Teaching has been my compass, guiding me towards a better version of myself. While perfection may be elusive, the progress made, no matter how small, is a testament to the transformative power of fostering a culture of gentleness.


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