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Donderdag 21 sept: dag 3

Keynote: Simone Schipper, Wier, Nederland Anxious : a battle in and for the brain. Donderdag ochtend 9 uur was het dan zover. Ik mocht zelf gaan presenteren. Kort geslapen aangezien de zenuwen me wel wat parten speelden. Vroeg naar de zaal gegaan om te zien of alle techniek het naar behoren deed. Dit was gelukkig […]

Why Gentleness Comes First

In Gentle Teaching there are always two components coming into play. Gentleness and Teaching. The two need to work hand in hand to build a strong relationship. As in any relationship we need to work on building a strong foundation first. There is no time limit as to how long this takes. We need to […]

To truly promote a culture of gentleness one must apply it to all relationships in their life.

The nature of  the job at Creative Options Regina inspires  its employees to “take their work home with them”. It is my view that an ideal support at COR nourishes a culture of gentleness  in all facets of their life, not just when they’re on the clock at COR. Personally, I maintain a culture of […]