Empowered to New Heights: A Gentle Teaching Journey

At COR, the journey of personal growth and empowerment unfolds in unexpected ways. For me, this organization has become more than a workplace—it’s a platform for leadership, support, and friendship that continually propels me to new heights. In the embrace of COR’s philosophy, my character and vision have been not just acknowledged but nurtured, creating a ripple effect that extends to others.

Years of opportunities have unveiled themselves, transforming me into a motivated advocate for showcasing the worth of individuals and guiding them toward similar opportunities. My heart now beats for witnessing people lead healthy, fulfilling, and purposeful lives. This profound realization has inspired me to channel my passion for health and wellness into a purposeful future, where I empower individuals to become the best versions of themselves.

Gentle Teaching, the cornerstone of this transformative journey, infuses compassion into every interaction, placing dignity and respect at the forefront of support. Instead of seeing people through the lens of conditions, behaviors, traumas, or challenges, I’ve learned to recognize and celebrate the unique gifts each person brings to the world.

“Really, it starts and ends right there; continuously empathizing with people and treating them as a person first.”

Gentle Teaching equips us with unique tools to support individuals in their journey toward healing and progress. It’s about acknowledging and embracing who they are rather than imposing a predefined standard upon them. Embracing this philosophy has been a natural and crucial investment in shaping the person I am evolving into.

In our daily interactions, whether in homes, neighborhoods, communities, or social circles, the authenticity of our encounters defines our character. Gentle Teaching has instilled mindfulness in me, teaching that people may forget what we say or do, but the love and compassion we show leave a lasting impact. This philosophy has illuminated the growth needed within myself to care for and nurture all past, present, and future relationships—a true reflection of the love we are capable of giving ourselves.

Adopting Gentle Teaching has seamlessly aligned with the person I aspire to be and the direction my life naturally takes. It underscores the power of relationships, emphasizing the importance of building connections to establish trust and foster growth. Over five years with COR, I’ve learned that trust must be the bedrock of any relationship for support to be accepted and growth to occur. The revolving door of support and changing faces hinder growth when trust is lacking.

“Utilization of Gentle Teaching within my life has allowed me to reach a better version of myself daily.”

This philosophy has not only influenced the support I provide but has also taught me to accept support from others, trusting that they will be there when needed. It emphasizes the importance of projecting energy in a loving, safe, and welcoming manner, creating equitable opportunities for people to recognize their intrinsic value and invest in their health.

My vision demands patience, unconditional acceptance, and the continuous building of trust. When individuals perceive that support is unwavering, a door opens for ongoing trust and companionship. This, I’ve learned, can only happen when Gentle Teaching is at the core of the connections we build—an aspiration that guides me daily.

With warmth,

COR Family Member