Empathy in Action: How Gentle Teaching Transforms Lives at COR

Gentle Teaching has been a profound force in shaping not only the person I am today but also the individual I am striving to become. In my journey with COR, this philosophy has provided me with a fundamentally different approach to life, influencing not only my professional role but also permeating into every aspect of my daily existence. Through training, meaningful conversations, and my supportive role within COR, the essence of empathy has been instilled in me.

One of the remarkable aspects of Gentle Teaching is its ability to unveil the reasons behind people’s reactions and emotions. It equips me with the skills to comprehend the intricacies of their feelings and enables me to paint a vivid picture of their reality, allowing me to truly understand and embrace who they are. This philosophy, with its unique meaning and purpose, holds a beauty that resonates in every individual’s life.

For me, adopting Gentle Teaching as a way of life goes beyond personal growth; it becomes a means to positively impact every person I encounter. It has become a guiding principle, teaching me to approach each day with the intention of uplifting others through collaborative and patient efforts. The application of Gentle Teaching in my daily life has led to a transformation that surpassed my initial expectations upon joining COR.

Valuing individuals for who they genuinely are has become second nature, and, more importantly, I’ve learned to lead a life centered around empowering others. As someone naturally inclined towards teamwork, incorporating this philosophy has heightened my commitment to fostering empowerment in those around me. My goal is to contribute to building the confidence and identity of every person I encounter.

In essence, Gentle Teaching has become more than a philosophy; it’s a way of life that amplifies meaning and purpose. This transformation has been my personal journey within the COR family, and I am dedicated to perpetuating the positive impact of Gentle Teaching in the lives of those I touch.



COR Family Member