Embracing Wellness Together: A Gentle Approach to Health and Fitness

Health and fitness have always been central to my interests, and I’ve dedicated considerable effort to instilling this passion within our team. Taking the lead in healthy grocery shopping and meal planning for the individuals we serve, I’ve extended this commitment by encouraging our support team to embrace these practices as well. During discussions on proper nutrition, I foster an open-floor environment, welcoming and valuing all ideas shared by our team.

The collective efforts of our team have been remarkable in promoting healthier habits among the individuals we support. A notable initiative has been encouraging everyone to consume regular, nutritious meals at designated times. Emphasizing the importance of shared meals at the table, we’ve created a space that nurtures a sense of family and togetherness. Central to this endeavor is the advocacy for reduced sugar intake, guiding the team towards more mindful food choices.

A heartening development is one of the individuals taking a personal interest in their health, showing internal motivation to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Collaboratively, we’ve embarked on cooking sessions every few weeks, preparing wholesome meals that are then frozen for easy access. This approach ensures he has a stock of nutritious and delicious meals that he can effortlessly warm-up. Additionally, our support team has been proactive in fostering his physical well-being, engaging him in activities that promote an active lifestyle.

Reflecting the culture of gentleness that defines our approach, I take him to the gym weekly, witnessing his growing enthusiasm and commitment to a healthier lifestyle. I’m immensely proud of the individuals we serve for openly expressing their preferences regarding healthy meals and physical activities. Equally, I commend our support team for consistently prioritizing health, contributing to an enhanced quality of life for those under our care.

As we celebrate these positive strides, I remain dedicated to continuing our journey in promoting health and fitness within our team. The collective efforts have undeniably enriched the overall well-being of the individuals we support, reflecting the core values of Gentle Teaching.


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