Embracing Transformations Through Gentle Teaching at COR-A Personal Journey

Greetings from Jusinda, a proud member of the COR family! I’ve embarked on a journey working with individuals, each possessing their unique abilities, and it has been nothing short of transformative. At COR, I’ve discovered the power of Gentle Teaching and its profound impact on fostering meaningful connections.

Gentle Teaching has equipped me with the tools to create a barrier-free environment, encouraging the growth and development of those I support. Through innovative approaches, I’ve been able to nurture relationships that go beyond the conventional support system. The training has instilled in me a deep sense of compassion for individuals who have spent most of their lives within a system.

Navigating this intricate path, I’ve come to a simple yet profound realization: respect is not complex. Applying the skills I’ve acquired at COR, I’ve learned that our time and attention are our most valuable resources as individuals. Choosing to invest these resources in people, coupled with genuine compassion, has led to the blossoming of beautiful transformations.

In my role as a support worker at COR, I’ve witnessed remarkable changes in those I serve. Gentle Teaching has been my guiding light, allowing me to learn from mistakes and evolve through meaningful relationships. The journey has not been without its challenges, but my commitment to dedicating time and attention to the individuals I support stems from a genuine concern for their progress and passions.

COR is more than a job; it’s a family that fosters patience in the process of growth. I take pride in being a part of this unique community, where the concept of a 9-5 job is redefined. The individuals I support are not just recipients of care; they are my equals and friends. The passion they exhibit inspires me daily, and I find myself looking up to their resilience and spirit.

Being a member of the COR family has taught me that growth is a continuous journey. Gentle Teaching aligns seamlessly with my values, emphasizing the importance of a compassionate and respectful approach in building relationships with individuals of varying abilities.

In essence, Gentle Teaching at COR has not only transformed the lives of those we support but has also shaped me into a more compassionate, patient, and understanding individual. The journey continues, and I am honored to be a part of this extraordinary family.

Warm regards,

COR Family Member