Embracing Transformation: A Journey with Gentle Teaching at COR

As I reflect on my journey at COR, I am compelled to share how Gentle Teaching has profoundly impacted my perception of individuals with disabilities. When I initially joined, the concept of Gentle Teaching was both distinct and enigmatic to me. My preconceived notions about intellectually disabled individuals were, to be honest, tainted. Little did I know that COR would challenge these biases and reveal the rich tapestry of individuality and independence it weaves for those it supports.

The mainstream media and pop culture had colored my view of people with disabilities, creating a skewed perspective. Gentle Teaching swiftly corrected this by emphasizing that my role was not one of authority but rather that of a friend and companion. It taught me that individuals with intellectual disabilities deserve the same level of respect as anyone else, debunking the unjust hierarchical chain that often marginalizes them in society.

“Gentle Teaching transformed my outlook towards individuals with disabilities by reminding me that a person’s disability does not define their character or who they are as an individual.”

Disabilities are just one aspect of a person, contributing to the unique fabric of their identity. Gentle Teaching dismantled the preposterous hierarchical system that pigeonholes individuals based on abilities, encouraging me to see beyond the surface.

Over the nine months at COR, Gentle Teaching provided me with tools that reshaped my approach. The seemingly simple act of touch, which I initially thought was forbidden, turned out to be a powerful tool. A hug on a bad day proved to be a comforting gesture, capable of altering the course of someone’s day.

“A simple pat on the back can go a long way in terms of making an individual feel more achieved in their day-to-day activities by showing human connectedness.”

Another transformative aspect was the significance of presence. I learned that being actively present while supporting is paramount. By setting aside external distractions, I could focus solely on the well-being of the individual I was supporting. Expressing genuine emotions of joy and happiness fostered a stronger bond and facilitated successful task completion.

Gentle Teaching has turned me into a completely different person from the one who embarked on this journey at COR. My aspiration is to continue absorbing its concepts and applying them in my future endeavors. As I embrace this ongoing transformation, I am grateful for the profound impact Gentle Teaching has had on both the individuals I support and myself.

COR Family Member