Embracing Togetherness: A Gentle Teaching Journey

In the tapestry of life, there comes a time when we discover a path that transcends the conventional notions of work. For me, that transformative journey began when I was introduced to Gentle Teaching.

The oft-repeated query, “Where do you work these days?” takes on a unique hue when your vocation aligns with your passion. Gentle Teaching has reshaped my identity, turning what might have been a mundane job into a deeply fulfilling way of life. Post high school, I found myself in a culinary role that offered hours but little personal growth. A daily grind that left me pondering if this was the narrative I wished for my life—showing up for a nine-to-five shift, only to anticipate the monotony of the next day. A desire for change welled within me, an acknowledgment that I harbored untapped potential.

The Community of Resources (COR) beckoned, an option I hesitated to embrace initially. The unfamiliarity stemmed from societal attitudes that cast individuals with disabilities as challenging, a stereotype I, too, once held. Venturing into Gentle Teaching was a leap of faith that dismantled preconceived notions, revealing a culture centered on shedding biases and appreciating people for who they are. Two years later, I find myself immersed in the lives of those I serve, unable to fathom a week without their presence.

With COR, the concept of time fades away as I become engrossed in moments shared with individuals who are now more than just those I assist—they are my friends. Transitioning from a high-paced, aggressive work environment to a community grounded in Gentle Teaching is undeniably a blessing. This philosophy permeates every facet of life, emphasizing the building of companionship and community. In this realm, there is no conventional nine-to-five shift; involvement in others’ lives transcends the constraints of time.

The relationships fostered in Gentle Teaching are a testament to the time invested. The core lesson that resonates deeply with me is the significance of being WITH one another. This philosophy isn’t a switch to be toggled at convenience—it’s a perpetual state of unconditional compassion that resides within us all.

In gratitude,


COR Support