Embracing the Transformative Power of Gentle Teaching

At the heart of my journey with Gentle Teaching lies a profound transformation – one that has not only shaped the person I am today but has illuminated the person I aspire to become. What began as a mere “job” evolved swiftly into meaningful moments spent with the incredible individuals I support, all thanks to the principles of Gentle Teaching.

Gentle Teaching, at its core, taught me the significance of living in the present and cherishing life’s small wonders. It opened my eyes to the missed opportunities for learning and life experiences that the individuals I support had endured throughout their lives. Sadly, those entrusted to “care” for them had failed to genuinely care. Through Gentle Teaching, I embarked on a mission to demonstrate that they are just like everyone else, possessing the freedom to make their own choices. Although at times anxiety-ridden, the experience not only imparted lessons to them but also to me – a stark realization of how much I took for granted in my own life.

Gentle Teaching prompted a profound self-assessment, causing me to scrutinize my values and priorities. It compelled me to distinguish between what I perceived as important and what others thought I deemed significant – two distinct realms. This introspection allowed me to see situations from multiple perspectives, enriching my problem-solving skills. One cannot truly grasp the essence of this culture of gentleness until fully immersed in it. To comprehend it authentically, vulnerability becomes key, not only with the individuals receiving support but also within the support team.

In the unique space created by Gentle Teaching, I found an unprecedented level of openness. Unlike any other job, I could openly discuss personal struggles with my coworkers and emerge not diminished but strengthened and equipped to offer better support. My COR family, as I fondly refer to them, has been a blessing, fostering an environment where growth and thriving are not mere aspirations but daily realities.

Gentle Teaching transcends the realm of a mere approach; it becomes a way of life. Its principles naturally extend beyond the realm of support, influencing how I navigate various aspects of my existence. As I look to the future, I am eager to carry forward this invaluable experience into my pursuits in nursing and beyond.

In essence, Gentle Teaching has been a compass guiding me towards a richer, more empathetic life. My journey with this culture of gentleness is not just a chapter but an ongoing narrative, and I eagerly anticipate the chapters it will add to my story in the days to come.

Warm regards,


COR Support