Embracing the Heart of Gentle Teaching: Cultivating Curiosity, Warmth, and Uplifting Others

In my journey of supporting the incredible women at COR, I’ve discovered the transformative power of curiosity, warmth, and uplifting others in creating and sustaining a culture of gentleness. These elements intertwine, fostering a positive morale and an affectionate atmosphere essential to the essence of gentle teaching.

Curiosity is the cornerstone, embodying interest, attention, respect, and goodwill. Throughout my time at COR, I’ve consistently embraced this element by approaching those I support and my team with open-mindedness and attentiveness. By asking questions and listening without assumptions, I’ve built pleasant, amicable, and trusting relationships. Curiosity is the key to recognizing the unique needs of individuals, ensuring that no detail goes unnoticed. When extended to my team, it involves genuinely inquiring about their well-being and refraining from gossip or judgment, fostering a supportive team morale and a positive emotional climate for those we serve.

Taking curiosity a step further, I aim to project genuine warmth and care within our community. Feeling at ease when approaching others is crucial to the culture of gentleness. Being surrounded by kind, genuine, and warm individuals creates an environment free from judgment and ridicule. It’s not just about projecting warmth to those I support and my teammates but extending it to everyone in our immediate community, ensuring a sense of security for all.

This warmth and openness find a deeper expression in the act of building up others. Remembering names, acknowledging preferences, and asking thoughtful questions make individuals feel seen and important. Offering encouragement and compliments provides a much-needed boost, inspiring others to continue striving for their best. As I uplift those around me, I contribute to the life force of a culture of gentleness. It’s a ripple effect, where the kindness bestowed upon one person is likely to be paid forward, creating a harmonious and uplifting community.

In conclusion, the heart of gentle teaching lies in curiosity, warmth, and uplifting others. As I navigate this remarkable journey at COR, I am continually inspired by the amazing individuals who surround me, fostering a culture where everyone feels safe, supported, and valued.

Warm regards,

COR Support