Embracing the Gentle Teaching Philosophy: A Journey of Impact and Harmony

As a proud member of the COR family, I find solace and inspiration in the unique philosophy of Gentle Teaching that permeates our community. The essence of this gentle culture has not only shaped my personal growth but has also become the driving force behind my aspiration to make a meaningful impact in the lives of those I serve.

Growing up, I experienced elements of Gentle Teaching within the confines of my home, as I lovingly cared for a sibling on the autism spectrum. However, it wasn’t until 2017 when I officially joined the COR family that I truly grasped the profound influence our eyes, words, presence, and touch can have on both others and our own lives.

At the core of Gentle Teaching is a commitment to strengthening the fabric of companionship and community for individuals facing diverse challenges, such as mental illness, disabilities, homelessness, addictions, and involvement with the criminal justice system (McGee, 2010). This philosophy resonates deeply with me, and I am eager to weave its principles into my academic pursuits—leveraging my Indigenous Studies degree and Bachelor of Social Work to extend its impact to Indigenous communities.

The parallels between the principles of Gentle Teaching, the Truth and Reconciliation Agreement, and the Saskatchewan Association of Social Workers code of ethics are striking. John McGee’s vision aligns seamlessly with the ethical foundations outlined in these important documents, creating a powerful synergy that guides my professional path.

My transformative journey with COR took an educational turn when I participated in the U of R Professional Leadership Training a few years ago. This experience not only altered my perception of my role but played a pivotal role in my decision to return to school. Through this training, I was challenged to articulate a central purpose for myself. My commitment reads: “I will live my life in a harmonious and encouraging way, assisting both others and myself to push to our greatest potential while experiencing our greatest wonders.”

Living by this mantra, I believe, allows me to embody the philosophy of Gentle Teaching fully. It aligns seamlessly with the goals of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission and the ethical standards set by the Saskatchewan Association of Social Workers. These four guiding principles form a robust foundation, empowering me to not only enrich my own life and learning but also to extend a helping hand to all those I support and assist.

As I look towards the future, armed with the wisdom of Gentle Teaching and the knowledge gained from my academic pursuits, I am fueled by a genuine desire to impact the lives of those I serve. This journey is not just a professional calling but a personal commitment to fostering harmony, encouragement, and the realization of potential in every individual I encounter.


COR Family Member