Embracing the Gentle Teaching Journey at COR: A Grateful Reflection

Greetings, Gentle Teaching community! I am thrilled to share my journey of embracing Gentle Teaching, a transformative approach that has significantly impacted both my personal and professional life. My name is Nathanial, and I am a proud member of the COR family.

Since immersing myself in the principles of Gentle Teaching, my perspective on nurturing relationships and fostering a culture of gentleness has undergone a profound shift. I find myself consistently checking in with my family and friends, ensuring that their lives are filled with a sense of wellness. And when challenges arise, I make it a point to extend a helping hand, seeking ways to assist and uplift those around me.

In my role as a supporter, I’ve made it my mission to continuously reinforce the incredible qualities of the individuals I work with. Celebrating their achievements, both big and small, has become a cornerstone of my approach. During moments of difficulty, I emphasize my unwavering support, reminding them that they are not alone. Following any negative interactions, I prioritize checking in, reaffirming my care for them regardless of the circumstances. Experimenting with diverse activities and innovative ideas, I strive to create engaging opportunities that contribute to the growth of those I support.

Moreover, recognizing the significance of teamwork, I extend my support to colleagues facing challenging days. A simple gesture, such as sharing a cup of coffee and engaging in a brief conversation, can make a world of difference. Offering a moment to debrief and recharge helps create a positive work environment, reinforcing our collective commitment to the Gentle Teaching philosophy.

What makes this journey even more special is the privilege of supporting individuals at COR, an extraordinary place that has become my second home. The experiences here have been invaluable, teaching me not only about the principles of Gentle Teaching but also fostering personal growth as a social worker.

I want to express my sincere gratitude for the opportunity to be a part of this incredible community, where the spirit of Gentle Teaching thrives. COR, thank you for being a catalyst in my journey of self-discovery and professional development. Here’s to continued growth and meaningful connections!

Warm regards,


COR family member