Embracing the Gentle Teaching Journey: A Reflection on Life’s Beauty

Gentle Teaching has been a profound force, shaping the person I am today and influencing the person I aspire to become. My journey at COR has been a transformative experience, offering me a deeper understanding of empathy and a new perspective on life. It has been a journey of slowing down, taking in my surroundings, and unraveling the complexities of human connection.

In the realm of empathy, COR has taught me to move beyond mere sympathy. It’s easy to offer comforting words to make situations seem better, but true empathy requires delving into the reasons behind someone’s emotions and immersing oneself in their perspective. This approach has been an enlightening shift, encouraging me to see the complete picture before forming opinions or making decisions.

Life at COR has instilled in me the value of a slower pace, encouraging me to savor every moment and truly understand intricate situations. In a world that often rushes past us, taking time to pause and reflect is a precious gift. The individuals I support have been my greatest teachers in this regard, emphasizing the importance of genuine friendships and the immeasurable worth of a true friend.

Over the years, my relationships with those I support have evolved beyond the confines of a conventional “client” and “worker” dynamic. They have become my family, a sentiment beautifully captured by one of the individuals I assist: “She’s with COR, and COR is family.” This simple yet profound statement encapsulates the heart of my experience with this remarkable organization.

Being a support worker at COR has granted me the privilege of appreciating life’s nuances and cherishing the essence of true friendship. These relationships, built on trust, understanding, and genuine care, have become a source of immense joy and fulfillment. As I reflect on my time at COR, I am reminded of the beauty found in the little things in life and the profound impact of authentic connections.

Shelby B