Embracing The Caring Moment: A Gentle Teaching Perspective

In the realm of Gentle Teaching, a profound philosophy that prioritizes interdependence and compassion, there exists a fundamental principle—the importance of the caring moment. Penned by Dr. John J. McGee, this insight provides a timeless guide for caregivers, be they parents, grandparents, or those offering support.

Dated May 10, 2015, Dr. McGee’s words resonate with the essence of being present in the here-and-now, fostering a sense of safety and love. The emphasis is not on altering behavior or crafting intricate plans but on the simplicity of connecting in each passing moment.

Life unfolds as a series of moments, each segueing into the next. Dr. McGee urges us not to dwell on an uncertain future but to focus solely on the present. These encounters shape the future, creating an evolving chain of moments that build both our moral memory and that of the individuals we support.

The core of caregiving, according to Dr. McGee, lies in simplification—teaching caregivers to be in the moment. In challenging times, this translates into forgiveness rather than control. In positive moments, it involves intentional and accidental encounters throughout the day, all centered on making the individual feel safe and loved.

Accidental encounters are fleeting instances—a wave, a wink, a smile, a simple acknowledgment. These moments, seemingly inconsequential, are the threads that weave the fabric of our connection. Intentional encounters, on the other hand, are more structured, dedicating chunks of caregiving time with the sole purpose of leaving a lasting memory of safety and love.

The key, as Dr. McGee asserts, is to stay in the moment. Joy is not a destination but a continuous journey found in the simplicity of now. The task at hand is beautifully uncomplicated—being in the moment, offering the gift of helping someone feel safe and loved.

Not a moment before, Not a moment after, Just in the now.

As we navigate the intricacies of caregiving, let us embrace the wisdom encapsulated in the caring moment. For in these moments, we discover the true essence of Gentle Teaching—where love, safety, and connection intertwine to create a tapestry of compassion.

John J. McGee,