Embracing Interdependence: Nurturing a Culture of Gentleness in Every Home

At the heart of my work lies a commitment to fostering a culture of gentleness, particularly within the homes of the individuals I support. Stepping into someone’s personal space prompts a crucial reflection: Who am I to impose demands and unrealistic expectations? This question remains a guiding principle as I navigate the delicate balance of building meaningful connections.

Mindfulness is key in my approach, considering how I express myself and present my expectations. The essence of my efforts is encapsulated in the consistent use of the four tools – presence, eyes, hands, and words – wielded positively. Through these tools, I endeavor to strengthen the bonds with the remarkable individuals I am privileged to serve.

The foundation is laid with the assurance that the person feels secure in their surroundings and with those around them. Safety, as the initial cornerstone, paves the way for personal growth. I recognize that the relationship I cultivate with those I support is one of interdependence. It’s a mutual journey where I am both a teacher and a learner, an attitude that transcends my role at COR and extends to my broader social circles.

Building on these relationships is a continual process, a dedication to creating an environment where individuals not only thrive but also experience the freedom to be themselves. This commitment to gentleness ensures that, rather than imposing rigid expectations, I nurture an atmosphere where growth becomes a natural outcome.

In every encounter, within every home, I am reminded of the significance of respecting each person’s unique journey. As I reflect on my experiences within COR and beyond, I find solace in knowing that the bonds we forge are a testament to the transformative power of gentleness. It is a privilege to contribute to a space where individuals can flourish, embracing the beauty of interdependence.


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