Embracing Growth Through Gentle Teaching: A Journey with COR Support

Gentle Teaching has been an incredible force of transformation in my life, both within and beyond the walls of COR. Being part of this organization has allowed me to witness my personal growth and evolve into a role model at home, at school, and in the workplace. It’s a journey of self-discovery that has profoundly shaped the person I am becoming.

Bonding with the individuals I support feels like coming home to family or entering the house of close friends. COR has given me the opportunity to develop meaningful relationships with each person I support, and for that, I am truly grateful.

One poignant moment involved a remarkable shift in perspective from one of the individuals I support. Previously, his paycheck would vanish within days due to social outings. However, on this occasion, he decided to manage his finances, allocating money for future plans and bills. Witnessing his newfound willingness to learn and budget was awe-inspiring. He unknowingly taught me a valuable lesson—growth is a constant process, and anyone can become a better person. Watching this 31-year-old man evolve before my eyes was a humbling experience, showcasing the transformative power of growth.

Gentle Teaching has been instrumental in my personal development, surpassing even my own expectations. My parents, once worried about my attitude and prospects in grades 9 and 10, now express pride in my growth. It’s a testament to the positive impact Gentle Teaching has had on shaping my character.

Sharing passions with those I support has deepened our connections. Discovering the shared love for hockey with one individual, we’ve developed a bond that extends beyond routine support. During a Pats game, as they scored a goal, I witnessed a joyous ‘fist pump’ from him—an extraordinary moment that symbolized the growth of our relationship.

In conclusion, Gentle Teaching has not only transformed the way I provide support but has also been a catalyst for personal growth. The bonds formed and the lessons learned have made this journey with COR an enriching and fulfilling experience.


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