Embracing Gentle Teaching: J.J.’s Journey

The vibrancy of belonging to the Creative Options Regina (COR) community is truly exhilarating. Within this organization, I’ve discovered a shared set of morals and values that resonate deeply with me. My journey with Gentle Teaching has been transformative, shaping my perspective on life in profound ways. It has been a journey that instilled in me the importance of patience, the significance of treating others with dignity and respect, and the art of embracing a rich and contented life.

Patience as a Virtue

Through Gentle Teaching, I’ve come to appreciate the virtue of patience. It’s a lesson that transcends individual differences, acknowledging that everyone, regardless of ability, learns uniquely. Just as people have varied learning styles, understanding the idiosyncrasies of how others grasp concepts is crucial. Taking the time to actively listen to someone’s needs is a testament to the authenticity of the relationship. It’s an understanding that beneath our words and chosen topics lies a deeper, meaningful connection. Each person carries real issues, and lending a attentive ear holds more significance than words can express.

Treating Others with Dignity

Gentle Teaching has been a guiding light in teaching me how to treat others. In my time supporting at COR, I’ve observed societal perceptions that often cast individuals with medical conditions or intellectual disabilities as different. This perspective tends to emerge from a lack of exposure to these differences. However, my frequent interactions with individuals possessing these traits have made me a more optimistic person. I’ve come to realize that people naturally focus on differences, but the key to connection lies in uncovering commonalities. The human desire to belong underscores the importance of finding shared ground. No one should be defined or held back by factors beyond their control. The tapestry of commonalities between myself and those I support is far richer than our differences. Gentle Teaching has illuminated the truth that our outlook on someone’s life is a matter of perspective — find differences, and you’ll see them; seek commonalities, and they will emerge.

An Enriched and Contented Life

Gentle Teaching has bestowed upon me the wisdom of leading an enriched life and finding contentment in what I have. The joy I derive from being part of an organization that actively works towards community integration is immeasurable. Before joining COR, the importance of community had never been more evident in my life.


COR Family Member