Embracing Gentle Teaching: A Rewarding Journey of Support and Connection

At the heart of my journey with COR lies a philosophy that has transformed the way we support individuals, making it both simple and profoundly impactful. Gentle Teaching, with its four pillars of safety, love, loving, and engagement, has become the guiding light in our quest to provide the best quality of life for those we support.

Reflecting on these pillars—safe, loved, loving, and engaged—I realize that they are not just principles for the individuals we care for; they are the very foundation that makes me feel valued in my own life. Ensuring that the individuals I support experience these pillars is not just a job requirement but a personal commitment to fostering an environment where they feel unconditionally loved and supported.

Every day is a new chapter for the girls I support, and I believe it’s crucial to convey that they are loved and supported regardless of the circumstances. Whether they are having a good or bad day, my goal is to create an atmosphere where they feel comfortable approaching me, knowing they can communicate and be themselves without judgment. Communication, for me, is the key to nurturing a culture of gentleness. By expressing my availability and building trust, we establish strong relationships that transcend the traditional caregiver-recipient dynamic.

Recognizing the humanity of the girls is paramount. We all face challenges, but acknowledging that they are individuals first allows us to navigate difficult moments with empathy and understanding. In moments of frustration or sadness, effective communication becomes a tool to guide them back to a positive state. It’s essential for them to understand that they are not defined by their struggles and that our support remains unwavering, irrespective of the challenges they may encounter.

Maintaining a culture of gentleness requires a shift in perspective. It’s more than just a job—it’s a profound opportunity to contribute to the well-being of others while cultivating meaningful connections. Witnessing the positive impact of Gentle Teaching on individuals like Ruby and Lanie motivates me to approach my support role with renewed dedication. The past six months have brought significant changes for these girls, and the consistent application of Gentle Teaching by our team has been instrumental in their positive transformation.

As I reflect on the benefits I witness in the lives of those we support, I am reminded that being a support worker is more than a profession; it’s a deeply rewarding journey of growth, empathy, and connection. The impact of Gentle Teaching goes beyond the immediate challenges, emphasizing the enduring importance of maintaining this philosophy in our approach to support.


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