Embracing Gentle Teaching: A Personal Journey of Transformation

At COR, I’ve discovered a profound philosophy that has not only shaped my professional life but has become an integral part of who I am as a husband and father. Gentle Teaching, a transformative approach, has enriched my relationships and influenced my daily interactions, leaving an enduring impact on the person I aspire to be.

Gentle Teaching has become a guiding value for me, a compass that I carry through life. In my role as a husband and father to two young children, aged one and four, I apply this philosophy daily. Facing challenging behaviors, I prioritize building personal connections, working constructively with emotions, and fostering a culture of hope. This belief shapes my parenting, as I strive to model the Gentle Teaching method in every aspect of my life, aiming to be a consistent role model for my children.

“My belief in developing personal connections, working constructively with emotions, and creating a culture of hope guides my interactions with my children, helping them develop their personal qualities.”

For instance, my one-year-old, who is in the early stages of language development, communicates through pointing and babbling. Creating connections through eye contact, warmth, and positive interactions has become crucial in our communication. When faced with frustration and meltdowns, I embrace the Gentle Teaching approach by getting down to his level, providing comfort, and being present. This philosophy has given me a fresh perspective on nurturing positive physical behaviors and engaging in joyful activities with my children, fostering patience and empathy in the process.

Gentle Teaching has significantly influenced my parenting style, helping me eliminate unnecessary power struggles and respond thoughtfully during challenging moments. The impact of this philosophy extends beyond my family life, shaping my professional endeavors at COR.

“At work, the culture of gentleness is paramount in everything we do.”

Interactions with colleagues and conversations with mentors like Michael and Ben have deepened my understanding of Gentle Teaching in practice. Working at COR, I have come to appreciate how this culture of gentleness permeates every aspect of our organization. I take pride in being part of a unique family at COR, contributing to the positive impact we collectively make on people’s lives.

Reflecting on my journey, it’s challenging to articulate the profound impact Gentle Teaching has had on me as a parent. The ability to navigate challenges without unnecessary power struggles and respond with patience and empathy has been transformative for my family and me.

As a COR family member, I cherish the opportunity to be part of an organization that values and embodies Gentle Teaching. The intentional creation of a unique family through our actions and interactions is what sets us apart, making a meaningful difference in the lives of those we support.


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