Embracing Gentle Teaching: A Journey of Self-Discovery and Transformation

The profound impact of Gentle Teaching on my life is a testament to its transformative power. It has been a guiding force, propelling me towards my goals and shaping me into the person I aspire to be. The past year has marked a significant chapter in my life—a period of profound change, personal growth, and self-discovery. Emerging from a deep, dark place, I have not only fought my way to the surface but have blossomed into someone I now love and respect.

Gentle Teaching, at its core, has instilled in me the ability to recognize the intrinsic value of every individual. While being gentle with others came naturally to me, extending that same gentleness to myself was a formidable challenge. My journey with COR was fueled by a desire to be a positive light in someone else’s life. Little did I realize that being gentle with myself was the missing piece to my own well-being. Battling issues of low self-esteem, self-worth, and grappling with mental health, physical health, and addiction, I found solace and strength through the principles of Gentle Teaching.

In my time with COR, I have witnessed firsthand the profound impact of cultivating a culture of gentleness. People have flourished and grown, their lives transformed through the power of gentle interactions. It clicked for me one day—why shouldn’t I treat myself with the same kindness?

Striving to be kind and gentle to those I support, I neglected extending the same compassion to myself. When I embraced self-gentleness, my entire life took a positive turn. Gentle Teaching has been the catalyst for a personal metamorphosis. I now allow myself to make mistakes, learn, and grow. Acknowledging that, even in imperfection, I possess intrinsic value has been a pivotal revelation. Through Gentle Teaching, I’ve learned to love myself.

Accepting myself unconditionally has resulted in the happiest and healthiest version of me. Confidence has replaced self-doubt, and I now recognize the inherent value within myself. By prioritizing self-love, I’ve become a better support, friend, student, daughter, and sister. The positive changes within me are now assets I share with others. I carry the lessons of Gentle Teaching into my future, confident that they will play a significant role in realizing my goals and dreams.

With gratitude,


COR Family Member