Embracing Gentle Teaching: A Journey of Love, Safety, and Transformation

In contemplating the profound impact of Gentle Teaching on my identity and aspirations, I find it essential to articulate what this philosophy truly means to me.

Gentle Teaching, in my view, serves as the bedrock of our socialization process. Acknowledging that the primary stages of socialization occur within our familial confines, Gentle Teaching emerges as both a model for interaction and a pathway for learning. At its core, it encapsulates the essence of love, creating a sense of security, and weaving a safety net around those we hold dear.

“Gentle Teaching is the way I communicate and interact with other people, from the way I talk to the way I look at them.”

I hold Gentle Teaching in high regard, recognizing the invaluable impact it has had on my own life. This conviction has led me to adopt this philosophy wholeheartedly in the upbringing of my children. My journey with Gentle Teaching began with extensive reading on the COR website, and swiftly, I integrated its principles into my family dynamics.

As an immigrant, my cultural values often clashed with mainstream Canadian perspectives. The way I communicated and educated my children was markedly distinct. The immigrant experience sometimes painted us as imposing and loud, influencing our children’s choices. In my case, this was an unfortunate reality. Many immigrants, driven by the pursuit of a better future in Canada, inadvertently imposed high expectations on their children—a reflection of the primary socialization inherited from their own parents.

Delving into the philosophy of Gentle Teaching prompted a self-awareness journey. I questioned my parenting methods and embarked on reshaping the way my husband and I raised our children. Hailing from a developing country where quality education was not always accessible, I understood why my parents had adopted certain parenting styles. However, in a more modern society like Canada, I recognized the need to be a catalyst for change within my family.

“I easily adopted the Gentle Teaching approach with my family, and I hope I can pass it from generation to generation.”

Reflecting on the transformative journey within my family, I can confidently attest that everything has changed. From the way I communicate with my children to the responses I receive, Gentle Teaching has made a profound difference. It has not only altered my perspective on the world but has also allowed me to find happiness and peace in life’s simple moments. Moreover, it has shifted my focus from expecting change from others to being the instigator of change within myself.

In the wise words of Ellen DeGeneres, “let’s be kind with each other.” Gentle Teaching, I believe, echoes this sentiment: “Be kind” and “Be positive.” Kindness and positivity, as advocated by this philosophy, serve as the foundation for improving relationships.

Joana, a proud member of the COR family, embodies the transformative power of Gentle Teaching, demonstrating that through love, safety, and positive interaction, we can be the architects of change in our own lives and generations to come.

COR family member