Embracing Gentle Teaching: A Journey of Growth and Nurturing

I was introduced to Creative Options Regina through my father, who is associated with Regina Public Schools. His endorsement of COR and the deep respect he held for the Gentle Teaching philosophy encouraged me to apply. Little did I know that this experience would reshape my approach to relationships and caregiving, both personally and professionally.

Before COR, the concept of Gentle Teaching was unfamiliar to me. I vividly recall my initial Gentle Teaching training, where the philosophy unfolded before me like a revelation. It struck me as an amazing approach that encapsulates how I aspire to nurture those around me. The training made me realize the significance of being present in all my relationships and the profound impact it can have on others. Gentle Teaching taught me what it truly means to be present with someone, prompting me to reflect on those in my life who had given me their presence and those who hadn’t.

“I have learned how important it is for me to be present with those I serve, and how important it is for me to be present with those I love and care about.”

The philosophy of Gentle Teaching, with its emphasis on forming therapeutic relationships, has played a pivotal role in shaping my identity. It has equipped me with the tools to support those I serve and foster meaningful connections in my personal life. In the realm of healthcare, where I had previous experience, Gentle Teaching has not only influenced but also transformed the way I provide nursing care. It has enriched my understanding, allowing me to adopt a holistic approach alongside Western medicine practices.

A significant aspect highlighted in my Gentle Teaching training was the importance of body language in communication and caregiving. I now consciously think about the signals I convey through my body language when interacting with others. My newfound awareness has positioned me as someone approachable, a confidant for friends, family, and co-supports facing challenges in their personal or support life. The four pillars of Gentle Teaching have become the guiding principles in all my relationships, shaping the values I aspire to provide and receive.

“COR helped me understand the importance of community and the positive effects it has on building confidence, valuing connectedness to others, and feeling welcome.”

Creative Options Regina has not only been a place of growth but also a source of a supportive community sharing similar values. From the moment I arrived, I felt a warm welcome, considering it a true blessing to be part of COR’s community. I am grateful to have stumbled across COR, an experience that has facilitated my personal growth and introduced me to a philosophy, Gentle Teaching, which I hold in high regard. Gentle Teaching has been an instrumental guide on my journey, helping me evolve into the person I aspire to be.