Embracing a Culture of Gentleness in Every Aspect of Life

At Creative Options Regina (COR), the spirit of gentle teaching transcends the confines of the workplace—it becomes a way of life. I firmly believe that fostering a culture of gentleness is not merely a job requirement but a personal commitment that should extend to all relationships. For me, embracing gentle teaching principles is a continuous journey of self-discovery, learning, and application.

Gentle teaching, to me, is more than a set of principles; it’s a mindset that shapes how I perceive the world. While I inherently embody the pillars of gentle teaching, I recognize the importance of constant improvement and a broader understanding. My exploration into neuroscience and psychology through reading has not only enhanced my self-awareness but has also deepened my understanding of others. Recognizing that self-awareness is key to understanding others, my academic pursuits at the University of Regina, particularly in inclusive education, have further equipped me with skills that seamlessly transfer to my role at COR.

Crucially, introspection forms the cornerstone of my personal growth. Keeping a journal allows me to organize my thoughts, document new knowledge, and formulate questions. This practice ensures that, when providing support, I can focus on what truly matters.

Applying gentle teaching to every facet of life is fundamental to its promotion. Beyond the boundaries of the workplace, I implement gentle teaching techniques in my interactions with family and friends. This approach has been transformative, allowing me to support a loved one through a challenging period, elevating me from just another person in their life to a trusted mentor.

During my internship at a community school, I witnessed firsthand the immense value of gentle teaching in a different setting. Drawing on my experiences at COR, I formed meaningful connections with students who came from challenging backgrounds. The principles of gentle teaching enabled me to be a stabilizing force in their lives, turning the school into a home where they felt safe and supported.

The genesis of my journey in promoting a culture of gentleness started with my relationship with the individual I support. Over two years, our connection has evolved into a deep bond akin to that of brothers. Whether as a friend, family member, or motivator, my role is dynamic, demanding a responsibility I approach with utmost sincerity. Witnessing his remarkable growth is a testament to the impact of gentle teaching in fostering independence.

Maintaining a culture of gentleness isn’t confined to one area of life—it’s a holistic approach. I’ve discovered that each sphere of my life complements the others, creating a positive cycle of energy and fulfillment. As I navigate the challenges and successes in my early career, one thing is abundantly clear: I am in the “people business,” and gentle teaching has been a guiding force, propelling me toward the successes I enjoy today.


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