Embracing a Culture of Gentleness: A COR Family Member’s Journey

In my ongoing journey with COR since October 2015, I’ve encountered numerous challenges. Yet, amidst the trials, I’ve discovered that maintaining a culture of genuineness and gentleness is key, and it’s sustained through patience.

Genuine care has been my compass, enabling me to consistently provide support to those in need. It’s about being patient, forgiving, and optimistic. I’ve learned not to get bogged down by the minutiae and to ensure that each day concludes on a positive note. COR has empowered me, along with others, to make a difference daily—an achievement that embodies our long-term goal.

Making a difference every day sets the stage for returning each morning with renewed positivity and genuine care. As Ellen DeGeneres wisely says, “Be kind to one another.” Ellen’s words resonate with me, serving as a reminder to be gentle, kind, and mild-mannered in our interactions. This attitude is a cornerstone for every home, especially for the individuals I support, who truly thrive in a gentle environment.

Creating a gentle culture is a collective effort within the team of individuals I serve. It involves smiling, caring, and listening—fundamental elements that contribute to the nurturing of this gentle environment. This culture of gentleness isn’t just confined to our immediate surroundings; it has the power to positively impact the world.

In the journey of embracing gentleness, I am reminded of the profound influence we can have on those around us. COR has become more than an organization; it’s a family that strives to cultivate a culture where smiles, care, and attentive listening pave the way for a brighter and gentler world.

With a genuine commitment to creating a positive impact every day,

COR Family Member