Embracing a Culture of Gentle Teaching: A Conversation with Michael Lavis and Dr. Joti Samra

Episode 15 of the Tardigrade Talks podcast featured a compelling conversation between Michael Lavis, CEO of Creative Options Regina (COR), and Dr. Joti Samra. The discussion delved into COR’s mission as a non-profit charitable organization dedicated to supporting individuals with disabilities.

Michael Lavis eloquently shared insights into COR’s core values and the personalized strategies employed to foster an environment of safety, warmth, and equality. At the heart of their approach is the philosophy of Gentle Teaching, a guiding principle that has not only shaped their organization but has also strengthened the fabric of companionship and community for all those they serve.

The podcast explored how cultivating a culture of care and gentleness within an organization can have profound effects. Michael emphasized how this approach significantly reduces turnover rates, contributes to organizational growth, and has played a pivotal role in COR becoming a multiple-award-winning organization.

The episode highlighted the transformative power of Gentle Teaching in creating a workplace culture that goes beyond mere professionalism. Michael Lavis shared real-world examples of how embracing this philosophy has resulted in positive outcomes for both the individuals with disabilities and the dedicated team at COR.

As Michael and Dr. Joti Samra delved into the nuances of Gentle Teaching, listeners gained valuable insights into the practical application of this philosophy. The episode served as an inspirational testament to the belief that a culture of gentleness not only enhances the lives of those with disabilities but also creates a supportive and thriving community.

Michael Lavis’s commitment to Gentle Teaching and its impact on COR is a shining example of how organizations can make a difference by prioritizing compassion, empathy, and understanding. This podcast episode stands as a beacon for others, encouraging them to explore the transformative potential of Gentle Teaching in their own endeavors.

To learn more about Creative Options Regina and their journey with Gentle Teaching, listen to the full Tardigrade Talks episode featuring Michael Lavis and Dr. Joti Samra. Join us in embracing a culture of gentleness that inspires change, engagement, and loyalty.

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About Michael

Michael is COR’s founding CEO — a for-impact, charitable organization that develops personalized support services for people experiencing disability in Regina, Saskatchewan. Under Michael’s leadership, COR has grown over the past 11 years to become one of the largest support providers in the province employing nearly 300 people. Michael is passionately committed to nurturing a culture of gentleness throughout the organization — for both employees and people served — and recognizes the key to a healthy workplace begins with the employee experience! COR has been recognized as one of Canada’s Healthiest Workplace (2019/2020), one of Canada’s Most Admired Corporate Cultures (2020), and named for the 4th consecutive year as one of Saskatchewan’s Top Employers (2021).