Discovering My Leadership Journey through Gentle Teaching

Gentle Teaching has seamlessly woven itself into the fabric of my life, becoming an integral part of my personal and professional journey. Throughout my university career, I found myself drawn to this approach, incorporating it into various presentations and projects spanning diverse fields such as Psychology and Kinesiology and Health Studies.

In my role as Assistant Home Team Leader, my focus extended beyond the conventional boundaries of support. I dedicated not only official support hours but also my personal time to ensuring the physical well-being of those under my care. An advocate for personalized choices, I engaged the individuals I supported in activities of their choosing, fostering both physical activity and personal autonomy.

Recognizing the significance of nutrition in overall health, I took the initiative to pre-cook and freeze meals for easy access, steering the team away from unhealthy temptations. This initiative didn’t stem from a desire for fitness or weight control; rather, it aimed to enhance the overall quality of life. This perspective aligns with my strong belief in the interconnection of physical and mental health, influencing my decision to pursue a master’s degree in sport and exercise psychology.

Lessons Learned at COR

Although I recently transitioned from the role of Assistant Home Team Leader, I continue to uphold many of the same responsibilities. The title was never my driving force; my passion lies in caring for those I support, rooted in the principles of Gentle Teaching. Their companionship alone fuels my commitment to enhancing the quality of their lives.

My journey with COR has been transformative, revealing my capability for academic accomplishments and personal growth. While sport and exercise psychology may not yet be widely recognized in Canada, my commitment to turning my interests into passion remains unwavering. Stepping down from my leadership role hasn’t diminished my connection with the team; they still reach out for advice and insights. This, to me, is a testament to the impact of genuine mentorship. It’s not my leadership status that motivates them but the effectiveness of my problem-solving skills and consideration for emotions.

This shift has been empowering, marking the emergence of a newfound identity as a mentor. Thanks to COR and Gentle Teaching, I have evolved into a leader I am proud to be—a leader driven by empathy, compassion, and a genuine desire to make a positive impact.

Warm regards,


COR Support