Cultivating a Culture of Gentleness: A Journey of Curiosity, Warmth, and Building Each Other Up

At Gentle Teaching International, we celebrate the profound impact that kindness, authenticity, and warmth have on fostering a culture of gentleness. Ashley, a cherished member of the COR family, shares her inspiring story of creating and nurturing this environment for the women she supports.

Curiosity: The Key to Connection

In Ashley’s experience at COR, she has discovered that curiosity is the cornerstone of building and sustaining a culture of gentleness. Curiosity involves expressing genuine interest, paying attention, and approaching others with respect and goodwill. By consistently asking questions and demonstrating openness, Ashley has formed pleasant, trusting relationships with the individuals she supports. Avoiding assumptions and listening with fresh ears daily, Ashley ensures that each person’s unique needs and desires are acknowledged, fostering a deeper connection.

Curiosity extends beyond those receiving support to embrace team members. By approaching her colleagues with genuine interest, asking about their day, and refraining from judgment during challenging times, Ashley believes that maintaining team morale is vital for creating a positive emotional climate. In her view, the spirit of curiosity is an essential component in nurturing a supportive and healthy community.

Warmth: Creating a Safe Haven

For Ashley, the heart of gentleness lies in the sense of ease and comfort she experiences when engaging with others in the community. Surrounded by kind, genuine, and warm individuals, Ashley strives to project amiability to everyone she encounters. Her goal is to create an atmosphere where judgment, ridicule, and rejection have no place. By radiating warmth, Ashley aims to provide the same sense of security she feels within her community, extending the circle of compassion.

Building Each Other Up: The Life Force of Gentleness

Taking warmth a step further, Ashley believes in the power of building up those around her. Simple acts, such as remembering names, acknowledging preferences, or asking thoughtful questions, contribute to making individuals feel seen and valued. Encouragement and compliments serve as catalysts for motivation and growth. Ashley recognizes that by uplifting those she supports, her teammates, and the broader COR community, she contributes to a positive cycle of kindness. The belief that each act of kindness has a ripple effect, inspiring others to pay it forward, is the life force behind Ashley’s commitment to a culture of gentleness.

In the words of Ashley, a dedicated COR family member, being surrounded by so many kind, genuine, and warm individuals is truly an amazing experience. This is a testament to the transformative power of curiosity, warmth, and building each other up in creating a culture of gentleness that resonates throughout Gentle Teaching International.


COR Family Member