Celebrating Unsung Heroes: Gentle Teaching International’s 100 Acts of Kindness Campaign in Regina

In the heart of Regina, a city known for its warmth, a group is shining a light on everyday heroes who often go unnoticed. Creative Options Regina, a non-profit organization dedicated to providing support services for individuals with disabilities, has embarked on a heartwarming journey with its “100 Acts of Kindness” campaign. This initiative seeks to recognize and celebrate individuals from all walks of life, whose impactful contributions often go unacknowledged.

As the winter months settled in, Ben Morris, Director of Storytelling for Creative Options Regina, recognized the need to lift spirits during a season that can sometimes feel heavy. “It gets kind of heavy during the winter months, and what better way to lift people up than recognize the significant things they may not realize they are doing,” he shared.

From parking enforcement officers to drive-thru cashiers and university students, the campaign casts a spotlight on those who make a difference in their communities. Morris and his dedicated team undertook a mission of surprise, infiltrating schools, community centers, and even city buses to express gratitude to these unsuspecting do-gooders. Small tokens of appreciation, such as baking and T-shirts, were gifted to these individuals who had touched the lives of others.

“It’s pretty fun bringing the T-shirts and cookies to people,” shared Jesse, a supporter of Creative Options Regina who volunteered his time for the campaign. “It makes them happy.”

The campaign’s heartwarming nature extends beyond the tangible gifts; it’s about acknowledging the intrinsic value in each person. “You don’t actually have to know the person, or know the ins and outs of their life to recognize they have value,” Morris emphasized.

Recipients of this kindness ranged from an Ecole Connaught secretary, Janine Jackson, to Dr. Gordon Chin at the Victoria East Medical Clinic. Nominations poured in through the organization’s website, allowing friends, colleagues, and community members to express their appreciation for those who brightened their days.

During Week 7 of the campaign, Shea Beaudry, a COR support worker, experienced the surprise firsthand. As she approached a client’s home, Morris and his team awaited her in the driveway, armed with a T-shirt, a button, stickers, and home baking. Reading from a heartfelt nomination by Maria Koback, Morris shared, “When I felt alone, down, and not worthy, Shea was there to fill me up and lift me up.”

The impact of the recognition was profound, as Beaudry expressed, “It just makes you feel better for doing what you do normally and being yourself.”

The 100 Acts of Kindness campaign will conclude once the targeted acts are complete, but the hope is that its ripple effect will inspire others to spread kindness in their communities. Creative Options Regina is not just recognizing acts of kindness; they are creating a movement that celebrates the unsung heroes among us, encouraging everyone to make a difference, no matter how small.

In the heart of Regina, kindness is not just a virtue; it’s a celebration of the human spirit.