Building Relationships and Community: Creative Options Regina’s Gentle Approach

In a Culture of Gentleness, Interactions are Warm, Welcoming, and Aimed at Nurturing Relationships Based on Equality and Interdependence. Our Focus is on Building a Sense of Companionship and Community with Those We Serve.

These insightful words from Michael Lavis, CEO of Creative Options Regina (COR), encapsulate the compassionate philosophy that guides our mission. Established in 2009, COR has been dedicated to providing personalized support services to individuals with intellectual disabilities, often accompanied by a mental health diagnosis. Our primary goal is to ensure that those we support feel safe, valued, and respected in an environment that fosters genuine connections.

At the heart of our approach is the commitment to a Culture of Gentleness, where every interaction is marked by warmth and inclusivity. COR goes beyond conventional support structures; we strive to connect individuals to a myriad of community services tailored to their unique needs.

To gain a profound understanding of our philosophy and the impactful stories of those benefiting from COR’s services and opportunities, delve into the full article on My Toast Life [insert link].

Dream Initiative: More Organizations Doing Good in Regina

Creative Options Regina is part of a vibrant tapestry of non-profits and initiatives dedicated to making a positive impact in Regina. The Guru Nanak Free Kitchen, for instance, generously provides hundreds of free meals every Sunday at the corner of Dewdney Avenue and Angus Street.

Meanwhile, the Lady Viak and Afro Mentorship programs are actively supporting local women and children, contributing to the community’s well-being. The newly formed Habitat for Humanity Saskatchewan is on a mission to assist 21 families in 2021, exemplifying the spirit of community upliftment. Additionally, a local woman is passionately safeguarding Regina’s bird population in the Cathedral community.

COR is proud to stand alongside these organizations, collectively weaving a fabric of compassion and support that enriches the lives of those we serve and the community at large. Our commitment to a Culture of Gentleness remains unwavering as we continue to build meaningful relationships and foster a sense of companionship and community for all.